Propane in Georgia (GA)

Propane in Georgia (GA)

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How should you select a propane company in Georgia (GA)? What are the average propane prices? What propane dealers operate in Georgia? If you are asking yourself one of all of these questions, here is a little information that might help you answer them. When reading what is below on propane in Georgia, remember that the figures published here represent averages so are useful as a comparison tool but do not necessarily represent your specific situation so you had best get quotes and compare what suppliers offer.

Propane usage and spending in Georgia (GA)

It is interesting to note that people in Georgia (GA) use 56% of the amount of propane Americans use as a national average. That is to say: the average American propane usage in 2009 was 464 gallons in 2009, according to the US Energy Information Administration, while Georgians used 260 gallons, according to the same source. Possibly, this is because people in Georgia use more electricity, though slightly less natural gas, than Americans on average.

Obtaining the average propane price over the last winter season for Georgia (GA) was impossible. However, from 2009 EIA statistics it is possible to work out that people in Georgia pay on average 50% more per gallon than the national average price over a year (for 2009: $2.50 vs $2). The Atlantic Coast usually has higher propane prices than the rest of the country but Georgia's propane prices can also be explained by the fact that it is relatively far from either the Midwest or the Gulf Coast, the US's two major supply sources.

The only true way to work out the best propane price for your home is to get detailed quotes from local propane companies. Averages are all well and good but ultimately you will probably want a price that matches your needs and usage.




Average propane price (2012-2013 winter season)



Propane usage per household (gallons)



Propane spending per household (dollars)



Propane spending per household on heating (dollars)



Electricity usage per household (kWh)



Electricity spending per household (dollars)



Electricity spending per household on heating (dollars)



Natural gas usage per household (thousand cubic feet)



Natural gas spending per household (dollars)



Natural gas spending per household on heating (dollars)



Average energy spending per household (dollars)



Average energy spending per household on heating (dollars)



Propane and energy statistics, 2009 figures / Source: US Energy Information Administration

Propane companies in Georgia (GA)

There is no shortage of propane companies in Georgia (GA). The Better Business Bureau lists hundreds of results for propane dealers in Georgia. All three national propane companies (Ferrellgas, Amerigas and Suburban Propane) operate in Georgia, along with a number of other propane dealers: Southern States, Paraco Gas, ThompsonGas, Matheson Gas, Blossman Gas, if we stick to the large companies. There will also be smaller companies and cooperatives you might want to look into.

When selecting a propane company, perhaps your first step should be to establish what you will need from your propane dealer, exactly. It could be a budget plan, maintenance services, a specific tank size, etc. This will allow to call various propane companies in your part of Georgia and see what they can offer you in terms of prices. Only then will you probably be able to make an accurate comparison and choose the propane company that best suits your home in Georgia (GA).

The Georgia (GA) propane industry and regulations

The propane industry in Georgia (GA) is represented by the Georgia Propane Gas Association, based in Marietta. The GPGA is responsible for industry lobbying, outreach and networking activities, but also for safety training programs such as the CETP. The Georgia propane industry’s activities fall under the Georgia Code, Title 10, Chapter 1, Article 10: Sale and Storage of Liquefied Petroleum Gas.