Propane in North Dakota (ND)

Propane in North Dakota (ND)

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The inhabitants of North Dakota (ND) looking for propane companies can use the official data below in their quest – they should find it useful. However, although practical information to have, the official statistics below are based on averages and do not necessarily represent individual case scenarios. Therefore, your search is only complete once you have requested quotes from different dealers and compared them – please bear this in mind as you look around.

North Dakota (ND) ropane usage and spending

The available US Energy Information Administration data shows that North Dakotans use almost twice as much propane (867 gallons each year) as the US national average (464 gallons per year). In North Dakota (ND), LP gas is a popular fuel for heating, as attested by the average $1,280 spent on propane for heating year-on-year. Overall LP-gas expenses amount to $1,424 per year on average (compared to $973 for the country as a whole), which given how much propane people of the Peace Garden State use represents a fairly good price (see section below).


North Dakota


Average propane price (2012-2013 winter season)



Propane usage per household (gallons)



Propane spending per household (dollars)



Propane spending per household on heating (dollars)



Electricity usage per household (kWh)



Electricity spending per household (dollars)



Electricity spending per household on heating (dollars)



Natural gas usage per household (thousand cubic feet)



Natural gas spending per household (dollars)



Natural gas spending per household on heating (dollars)



Average energy spending per household (dollars)



Average energy spending per household on heating (dollars)




Propane and energy statistics, 2009 figures / Source: US Energy Information Administration

North Dakota (ND) propane prices

The 2012-2013 winter season saw the people of North Dakota (ND) spend $1.48 per gallon on propane (average), which is far below the national average of $2.436 per gallon over the same period. Several factors explain this difference: First, North Dakotans tend to prefer propane over other similar sources of energy (especially electricity when it comes to heating) and high usage decreases price; second, North Dakota is relatively close to the Midwest major supply source – another factor that reduces overall propane prices.

Remember that the best way to get an entirely accurate propane price for your home is to compare quotes from as many local propane dealers as possible. The following graph should still be useful in ensuring the companies you select have prices that follow regional pricing trends.

Propane companies around North Dakota (ND)

Amerigas, Ferrellgas and Suburban Propane all have outlets serving North Dakota (ND). Several other large propane dealers also do, including Cenex, Lakes Gas Co., D&R Propane, Inc. and Estelline Community Oil Co. are also present in North Dakota and there might be smaller retailers or local cooperatives near your home.

Before selecting a propane company, it is important to make a list of the services you are likely to require, such as maintenance, pricing options, budget planning, appliances, etc. This list should enable you to request detailed quotes from companies in your area that you can compare properly. At this point, you will be able to tell which is the best propane deal for your home.

The propane industry and regulations in North Dakota (ND)

The North Dakota (ND) propane industry’s interests are channeled through the North Dakota Propane Gas Association, based in Bismarck. Linked to the National Propane Gas Association and the Propane Education & Research Council, the NDPGA organizes networking, communications and marketing events for the industry, lobbies the ND government and legislature on its behalf and is in charge of crucial industry safety training programs.

Three titles of the North Dakota Code pertain to LP gas: Title 23, Chapter 13, Liquefied Petroleum Gas Containers; Title 18, Chapter 9, Liquefied Petroleum Gas Regulations; and Title 39, Chapter 16, Liquefied Petroleum Gas Transporters.