Propane in Indiana (IN)

Propane in Indiana (IN)

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Comparing detailed quotes from local propane dealers is the only true way of finding the right propane solution for your home in Indiana (IN). The information and advice below should assist you and your family in this task. Bear in mind that the official figures on this page are averages and are likely not to correspond to your situation exactly, even if they are a useful guide.

Statistics on propane usage and spending in Indiana (IN)

The US Energy Information Administration provides insight into the Indiana propane market when it indicates that propane usage in Indiana (IN) is significantly higher (647 gallons per year average) than propane consumption in the country as a whole (464 gallons). While Americans spend $973 on propane per year (average), Hoosiers spend $1,297 – mostly because of lower average temperatures.




Average propane price (2012-2013 winter season)



Propane usage per household (gallons)



Propane spending per household (dollars)



Propane spending per household on heating (dollars)



Electricity usage per household (kWh)



Electricity spending per household (dollars)



Electricity spending per household on heating (dollars)



Natural gas usage per household (thousand cubic feet)



Natural gas spending per household (dollars)



Natural gas spending per household on heating (dollars)



Average energy spending per household (dollars)



Average energy spending per household on heating (dollars)




Propane and energy statistics, 2009 figures / Source: US Energy Information Administration

Indiana (IN) average propane prices per gallon

Interestingly, at a $1.906 per gallon average over the 2013-2013 winter season, people in Indiana (IN) pay less for each gallon of propane than the average American ($2.436) does. This difference stems from the abundance of propane companies in Indiana and its closeness to the Midwest major propane supply source.

For a more accurate propane price, get a quote from a propane company. Use the graph below on 2012/2013 heating season propane price trends in Indiana to check whether propane company LP gas prices follow the same pattern, roughly.

Overview of propane companies in Indiana (IN)

There are dozens of propane companies in Indiana (IN). Amerigas, Suburban Propane and Ferrellgas all have Indiana locations. MFA Oil, United Propane Gas, Jackson Jennings Co-Op., Blue Flame Gas, and Empire Gas, are among the other important dealers that also serve the Hoosier State. There may be smaller local companies and cooperatives close to your home, too.

Before requesting quotes from dealers you should list what propane services your home requires: maintenance, tanks, pricing solutions, budget options, etc. Then, make a list of local propane dealers and outlets and ask for detailed quotes. This should give you a fair picture of the different offers and enable you to select the right propane deal.

The propane industry and propane regulations pertinent to Indiana (IN)

Indiana (IN) has its own propane gas association, linked to the National Propane Gas Association: the Indiana Propane Gas Association. It organizes events for the industry, provides advice, serves as a networking forum for industry members, lobbies the Indiana government and legislature on propane issues, and provides propane dealers with crucial safety training and information for employees. Most of this falls under the Indiana Code, Title 22, Article 11, Chapter 15: Regulation of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Containers.