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The propane market in the United States is not regulated. This means there is no central authority telling propane companies what they should offer and how much they should charge. Therefore, it is all the more important to compare what each company offers carefully before choosing a propane company or switching from one company to another in your quest for the best propane deal.

This part of PropaneDeal is aimed to improve your understanding of the propane market in the United States to ensure you select a propane company, or switch from one to another, with the right information. Its objective is to increase knowledge on companies themselves, their offers, and the services they provide.

Find a company in your area

Start by looking for companies in your area. For various reasons, you do not want a company that is too far from your home: it increases reaction time, propane prices, delivery time, etc. This does not mean that you should select a small, local, company necessarily – many large propane companies might have outlets close to your home.

Safety is your priority

Your first consideration should be safety. This consideration is twofold: As said above, you want a propane company that is close enough to your home to be able to react promptly should you have a safety concern; you also want a propane company that has a 24/7/365 emergency number so you can reach them at all times.

Ensure you have excellent customer care

Your second consideration ought to be customer care. It is recommended to check each company’s business reputation through the local Attorney General’s office to see what complaints have been lodged and how they have been resolved. It is even more important to test the company’s customer care services to ensure you select a company with a reactive and friendly customer care service.

Find the best propane price

Your third consideration will probably be how much you pay for propane. Nothing stops you from pitching propane companies against each other by comparing quotes from as many as possible to see which one offers you the best propane price per gallon.  It is important to know what factors that affect propane prices apply to your situation like usage, region, climate, etc.

Tank considerations

Your fourth consideration should be about your propane tank: Will you buy or rent a tank? What size tank do you need given your projected (or historical) usage? Would you prefer an underground or an aboveground propane tank? Company offers differ greatly on this as some will only offer to lease you a tank while others sell propane tanks. All the more reason to look around for the best propane deal.

Choose your delivery type

Your fifth consideration might be about how your propane deliveries are organized. Some propane users like to order propane when they need it and monitor their tank level themselves. Others prefer having their propane company work out when the next delivery is needed and deliver propane automatically.

Decide on the right pricing option

Your sixth consideration is likely to be about pricing options. Not all companies have a wide range of pricing options – they all let you purchase propane at the fluctuating market price but some also enable you to enter into a fixed pricing agreement or purchase your propane in advance and have it delivered when it is required.

Establish when to pay for deliveries

Your seventh consideration will revolve around when to pay for your propane deliveries. You might be able to pay for a propane delivery in one installment but many families cannot afford to fork out a thousand dollars in one go. If this is your case, or if you simply wish to spread payments to include them in a monthly budget, you might want to look for a company that offers a budget pricing plan.

List the services you require

Your eighth consideration should be about the services you require from your propane company. Will you require propane appliances? If so, check which company sells them. Do you need maintenance services? Again, check the companies that offer the services you need.

Check what fees might apply

Your last consideration in finding the right propane deal ought to focus on fees and charges. Companies charge a variety of fees for different situations, such as out-of-service deliveries, hazardous material training, tank rental, etc. It is recommended to check which apply or might apply to your situation.