Propane company reputation

Propane company reputation

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With so many companies selling propane, selling or renting propane tanks, and offering propane-related service, the choice can seem difficult, initially. While prices will be a determining factor in your decision, so should the quality of the company’s customer care service and its general reputation.


The surest way of ensuring the propane company you select is the one that best suits your needs is to request quotes from different dealers and compare what suppliers offer. Company reputation and customer care are less easy to assess in this regard.

Online propane customer reports


Online customer reports seldom reflect reality. Indeed, satisfied customers do not tend to indicate this online. This is why doing a company search online will usually result only in pessimistic perspectives, whatever company you are interested in.

Calling the state Attorney General’s office


Verifying a propane company’s reputation is best done by calling your state attorney general’s office. However, it may be that few complaints have been filed, which gives an incomplete impression of the company’s business record.

How to check a propane company’s reputation


The three largest propane companies in the United States (Amerigas, Suburban Propane and Ferrellgas) have solved at least 90% of the issues customers about which customers have filed complaints. This criterion makes it more difficult to check smaller propane companies’ business reputation, though finding a company that has existed for several years and has not had to solve any complaints is usually a good sign.

Propane company customer care


Increasingly, propane users go through their propane company for more than just propane deliveries. They call their customer care number for tank issues, appliance repairs and energy saving advice. This is all the more reason to include customer care responsiveness in your propane company selection criteria. As you compare propane companies, you might call their local customer care number to find out how helpful they really are on the phone.