Superior Plus Energy Services

Superior Plus Energy Services

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The New York based Superior Plus Energy Services supplies propane to 214,000 customers in nine states through 47 outlets in the Mid-Atlantic region (New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Delaware).

Superior Plus summary





Central-Atlantic: New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Delaware.

Check that there is a Superior Plus location near you.


Propane, tanks and installation, maintenance.

List your propane requirements and request a quote that includes them (tank, appliances, etc.).


Emergency number, very good information brochures, annual safety check.

Investigate the company’s safety record in your region.

Business reputation


Call your local Superior Plus office to find out how responsive they are.

Propane price

Company is in a relatively expensive region in terms of propane price per gallon.

Check local propane price trends to ensure the given price per gallon reflects market price.

Delivery options

Will call and automatic delivery.

Decide whether you want to control when propane is delivered or whether you prefer automatic delivery.

Payment options

Fixed price, capped price and budget planning.

Decide between paying for propane in one or several installments, planning deliveries at market prices or securing a fixed price per gallon throughout the year by buying the propane you need in advance.

Superior Plus propane safety

Superior Plus offers its customers a 24/7/365 customer care line so you should have access to qualified service technicians should you have any propane safety related doubts or questions. It is involved in local propane gas associations so the company has access to the latest safety training modules. Furthermore, it offers an annual safety check, which is recommended for any propane installation to ensure maximum safety and efficiency.

Superior Plus business reputation

Although Superior Plus has a 24/7/365 customer care line and many local offices so you should be able to reach them should you have a query, online reports suggest that it does not always respond to customer complaints in a way that is considered to be satisfactory. This makes it all the more important for you to check with your local customer care number to find out how reactive and courteous they are if you are tempted to enter into a propane supply agreement with Superior Pus Energy Services.

Superior Plus prices

It is possible to buy Superior Plus propane at market prices. These fluctuate regularly and are generally lower in summer and higher in winter. The market propane price you are offered depends on how much propane you use (the more propane used, the lower the price), crude oil prices (since propane is a byproduct of crude oil) and how far you are located from a major supply source (transportation costs are factored into propane prices).

Buying propane at market prices exposes you to higher prices just as much as it lets you take advantage of cheaper prices if you plan deliveries properly. Therefore, if this is your preferred option it is recommended that you check the company’s daily market price regularly to ensure you order propane at a convenient price.

Should you wish to avoid being exposed to propane market price fluctuations, it is possible to enter into a fixed price propane supply agreement with Superior Plus Energy Services. With this option, you purchase a certain amount of propane at the beginning of your agreement (usually in summer, when prices are lowest) and enjoy a fixed rate regardless of the delivery date. This is not recommended if you enter into such an agreement in winter as this is when propane prices are highest.

Similarly, Superior Plus Energy Services offers a capped price plan where you are sure that your propane price per gallon will not exceed a certain amount. This is advantageous in the sense that you can budget your energy costs better but entails that the price will probably not fall under a certain amount either. Hence, it is advisable to check what your price range is before selecting such an option.

New customers are eligible for various interesting offers, including free tank installation (though this is usually the case with propane companies), a free safety check, a promotional propane price per gallon for the first fill, free tank rental for the first year, a 5c discount per gallon dual fuel discount (if you also have heating oil needs) and $50 dollars credit to your account. Although this may first seem attractive, it remains important to check what the next propane price can be and how what fee you will be charged for tank rental as this varies greatly depending on usage.

Central Atlantic propane prices for the winter season 2012-2013

Central Atlantic propane prices for the winter season 2012-2013. (Source: US Energy Information Administration)

Superior Plus delivery options

Superior Plus fixed and capped pricing plans are conditioned to having propane delivered automatically. This implies that the company will work out your annual usage and deliver propane when it calculates that your tank level might drop between 30% and 20%. If you are not on a fixed or capped pricing plan this exposes you to market price fluctuations since you will be charged the company’s daily market price (so check when you feel they may be planning a delivery). However, automatic delivery presents the distinct advantage of ensuring you never run out of propane.

Nothing prevents Superior Plus Energy Services customers to monitor their own propane tank level and order propane when they see the level dropping too low (as it comes close to 20% capacity). This is a convenient choice for propane users who prefer to plan their propane deliveries and those who feel they can take advantage of the market price fluctuations. Indeed, ordering propane at a low market price may be less expensive than both fixed and capped pricing if planned properly. However, it exposes you to the risk of running out of propane, which not only requires a leak test but might imply a hefty special delivery fee if propane is ordered after hours.

Superior Plus payment options

The most interesting payment option Superior Plus Energy services offers is their Budget Plan, which enables customers to spread out propane payments over an 11-month period rather than having to pay for each delivery in one installment.

However, the company also allows customers to order and pay for propane online, which is a convenient service insofar as the company offers a number of services, all of which fit into a single online account.

Superior Plus services

Superior Plus Energy Services offers a range of propane maintenance options for your propane equipment. This is particularly interesting if you use propane as your primary source of energy. Offer details depend on the state you live in and you should enquire with the company to find an option that suits your needs. Still, the two main plans are as follows:

  • The Tune Up plan includes two hours of free labor to ensure your water heater, furnace or boiler are working at optimal capacity. Such an inspection is useful once a year to ensure you are not wasting propane through malfunctioning core home appliances ($140-$160).
  • The Propane Service Plan covers repair, replacement and labor on most heating-related propane appliances of a home system, from valves to circulators (around $260).

The company offers quotes on propane equipment such as furnaces, water heaters or space heaters. If you are building with propane or want propane to be the main source of energy in your new home you might want to think about what appliances you need and request that these be included in your quote from Superior Plus Energy Services.

Superior Plus Energy Services further offers two key inspection services:

  • In some states, it can certify or recertify your propane tank for you if your home already has one or if you decide to purchase one.
  • Wherever your home is, the company can perform your annual safety check, as is recommended whatever your propane usage.