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The New Jersey-based Matheson Gas propane company delivers propane to just fewer than 50,000 customers in 33 states through 180 outlets. Matheson propane is available on New England, parts of the Midwest and in some of the Lower Atlantic states.

Matheson Gas summary





New England, parts of the Midwest and some Lower Atlantic states.

Verify that there is a Matheson Gas office near you.


Propane, tanks and installation, maintenance.

Assess what you need in terms of propane (tank, appliances, etc.) and ensure the quote you request includes your requirements.


Excellent. Emergency number and active participation in industry organizations.

Look into the company’s safety record in your area.

Business reputation

Difficult to establish but permanent customer care number.

Call your local Matheson office to find out how responsive they are.

Propane price

Matheson Gas is based in a region that has similar or higher propane prices than the national average.

Check regional propane price trends to establish if the price you are offered per gallon reflects market price and to what extent.

Delivery options

Will call and automatic delivery.

Decide whether you want to control when propane is delivered or whether you prefer automatic delivery.

Payment options

Pre-buy and budget planning.

Decide between paying for propane in one or several installments, planning deliveries at market prices or securing a fixed price per gallon throughout the year by buying the propane you need in advance.


Matheson Gas safety


Matheson Gas is an active member of propane industry organizations, be it the National Propane Gas Association or the individual state propane gas associations (Ohio Propane Gas Association, Mid-Atlantic Propane Gas Association, West Virginia Propane Gas Association, Virginia Propane Gas Association and Pennsylvania Propane Gas Association). It also promotes Propane Education and Research Council information.


This is particularly important for employee training and consumer information since these organizations establish modules to help companies implement the best propane safety practices and comply with the latest safety regulations.


The company has a 24/7/365 emergency number that customers can call if they have propane-related safety doubts (e.g., if they suspect a propane leak in their home) and is transparent in communicating its 2.17 recordable injuries for every 200,000 hours worked (OSHA Recordable Rate) and its 3.26 accidents for every million miles drives (Bulk Distribution Accident Rate).

Matheson Gas business record


The Matheson Gas 24/7/365 number is also the customer care number so you are relatively certain to be able to make a request even if it is after hours. However, Matheson Gas underlines the importance of customer service at the local level so you should check how responsive and courteous your local customer care number is. Beyond this, it is difficult to establish the company’s business record: very few reports are available.

Matheson Gas propane tanks


Matheson Gas customers are able to rent propane tanks of various sizes. Although the yearly rental fee is not available, it is useful to remember that throughout the US propane tank rental fees vary from $25 to $250 per year depending on tank size.


Similarly, propane prices tend to increase with company rented tanks because you are tied into a propane agreement with a single company, whereas if you own your tank you are free to choose the company that offers the best price – and propane companies tend to adapt to this by offering lower propane prices per gallon, especially for large deliveries.

Matheson Gas prices


Potential customers have the possibility of ordering propane at the daily market price. This price fluctuates regularly so it is recommended to check the company’s daily propane price and plan propane deliveries accordingly. Market prices tend to be lowest in summer and highest in winter.


Matheson Gas advertises a pre-buy program. Customers who enroll in this program determine the amount of propane their home is likely to need over a year and the client buys it in advance, usually in summer when the propane price is cheapest. This saves you from having to constantly monitor the propane price but it is important to enter into pre-buy agreement when propane prices are attractive – avoid winter at all costs.


Additionally, Matheson Gas offers a $50 credit to customers who refer new clients. However, although no promotion is to be discarded, this offer is only attractive if the price of propane offered when redeeming this voucher is low. For example, a $50 dollar credit voucher redeemed at a $5/gallon propane price is only 10 gallons of propane.

New England, Midwest and Lower Atlantic propane price trends over the 2012-2013 heating season

Source: US Energy Information Administration

Matheson Gas delivery options


Matheson Gas promotes its automatic delivery program, where the company works out a customer’s propane usage and plans deliveries when the level is likely to fall between 30% and 20% of the propane tank capacity. Although this program is worry free in the sense that you are unlikely to ever run out of propane, it also means you do not influence the delivery dates – or the delivery propane price.


Customers always have the option of monitoring their own propane tank level and placing a delivery request when the tank level drops too low. However, will-call customers run the risk of running out of propane. Any interruption in gas supply requires a leak test for safety reasons, which can be costly (PRICE) and if you need gas urgently and after hours you will probably be required to pay a special delivery charge.

Matheson Gas payment options


Matheson Gas offers two payment options: First, customers are encouraged to request a direct debit from their account to decrease the risk of paying their propane bills late (which usually comes at a price); second, the Budget Plan enables customers to spread propane bill payments over 12 months for free and obtain a $50 credit reward at the end of the season (July). The latter option ensures you stay with the company for a year.

Matheson Gas community involvement


Matheson Gas claims to be a local company in the sense that it trades and employs locally (around its outlets). However, it also contributes to local charities, encourages its staff to take part in community advisory boards, is involved in support for disaster relief victims, and promotes organizations involved in the development of local industries, education and human capacities.