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Propane is a safe, convenient and cheap source of energy for homes. It is used for everything from central heating to refrigeration, water heating or outdoor cooking. As a portable fuel, it is stored in large propane tanks directly on users’ properties and linked to the home propane systems.

Yet propane users are often confused by safety issues, have questions on appliances, do not know what services their installation requires, wonder about pricing options and fail to understand the complicated propane market and the large number of propane companies.

PropaneDeal is designed to help current and potential propane gas users better understand what LP gas is and entails in terms of safety, usage, pricing, equipment, installation, services and companies. Through this website, consumers should feel more informed on the best deal available to them and how to go about obtaining it.

Whether you are using a small tank for outdoor grilling or a 500-gallon tank with propane as your primary source of energy, this website will enable you to determine what your propane needs are and who can answer them adequately. It will help you determine is what the best propane deal is for you and your home.