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Though it was formed recently (2010), Pinnacle Propane is one of the country’s largest propane companies. It serves five states though 35 outlets mostly in Texas but also in Arkansas, Arizona, New Mexico and Oklahoma. Pinnacle Propane is based on the acquisition of local propane companies and is still expanding.

Pinnacle Propane summary





Texas, Arkansas, Arizona, New Mexico and Oklahoma.

Check that Pinnacle Propane has an outlet close to your home.

Propane price

Region where propane prices are relatively low.

Ensure that the Pinnacle daily propane prices reflect the average price in your state.


Propane, tanks and installation, construction advice.

Request a detailed quote that takes into account all your propane requirements.


Very good information and training efforts. No emergency number.

Establish the company’s local safety record.


Business reputation


Call your local Pinnacle Propane office to find out how responsive they are.

Delivery options

Will call and automatic delivery.

Decide whether you want to control when propane is delivered or whether you prefer automatic delivery.


Pinnacle Propane safety


Pinnacle Propane offers basic propane safety information. It does not advertize a 24/7 emergency number but customers can call their local offices for safety-related questions. The company uses material from the Propane Education and Research Council, which is the reference in terms of propane safety training and information.

Pinnacle Propane business reputation


Very little information is available on Pinnacle Propane’s customer service record. Therefore, it is recommended that if the company is one you are considering, you call your local office to check how courteous and responsive they are.

Pinnacle Propane prices


Pinnacle Propane serves a relatively warm region where prices are traditionally quite low. Even if you order in the winter season, unless you ask for a particularly low volume of propane or have a very small consumption you should not expect to pay over $3/gallon.


Pinnacle Propane advertises a Propane Supply Commitment program that enables customers to obtain a discount on their propane prices if they commit during a certain period. Similarly, the volume rebate program allows for discounts for high volume customers.


Although these offers seem appealing at first glance, it is useful to know that most propane companies offer lower prices to high-volume users and tend to reduce propane prices for committed customers. To ensure you are being offered the best deal, check that the price Pinnacle Propane is offering you matches regional propane price trends.

Pinnacle Propane tanks


Pinnacle Propane sells and leases propane tanks and claims to have all sizes available and offers expert advice to determine what tank your home requires.


Tanks typically come in 120, 250, 500 and 1,000-gallon sizes. The appropriate tank size for your home depends on usage, which in turn is determined by how old your home is, how well insulated it is, what climate your home is located in, how many occupants it has and how many appliances in your home run on propane. Most homes using propane as a primary source of energy require a 500-gallon tank.


Purchasing a tank is a considerable investment to begin with: prices range from $450-3,500 depending on size and whether it is aboveground or underground. This shows how important it is to find the right tank size for your home. Buying a tank positively influences propane prices given that you are free to choose the cheapest propane company for each delivery. Renting a propane tank is less costly initially ($25-250 yearly rental fees on average) but tends to increase the price of propane per gallon and lock you into an agreement with a single propane company.

Pinnacle Propane delivery options


Pinnacle Propane encourages potential customers to select their Keep-Full program where your consumption is estimated on the basis of historical consumption, a usage estimate and weather conditions and the company plans deliveries accordingly (when your tank level drops to between 20% and 30%). The Keep-Full program’s advantage is peace of mind when it comes to propane deliveries and eliminating the risk of running out of propane. However, propane prices will be those on the day of the delivery so you should check prices regularly.


Should you wish to order propane yourself by monitoring your own propane tank level, this remains possible. Will-call enables customers to plan deliveries not only according to propane tank levels but also by monitoring propane prices and taking advantage of market fluctuations (this can also work against you, however). The risk with will-call is forgetting to order propane when necessary and running out of gas – in which case, you will need a leak test and probably have to pay a special delivery fee if you need propane after hours.

Pinnacle Propane services


Pinnacle Propane offers to install, setup and test your propane system, from customer tanks to fittings and appliances to ensure all components are operational. This is particularly interesting for those moving into a new home that requires alterations in its propane system. It means you do not have to call a separate technician for such services. However, the company does not offer maintenance services, which can be just as useful if you want a single number for propane-related services.


Customers building with propane are also offered specific construction advice to ensure the new home is built in a coherent way and maximizes propane efficiency. This service is very relevant to those wishing to know or confirm how much propane they might need, what appliances are advisable and what size tank is recommended when designing and building a new home.