United Propane Gas

United Propane Gas

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Based in Kentucky, United Propane Gas is over 50 years old. It serves 300,000 customers through its 67 outlets covering 12 states from Illinois to Alabama (mostly Midwest region, though UPG also has outlets in Missouri and North Carolina) and is expanding by buying smaller, local, propane companies.

UPG summary





Midwest, Missouri and North Carolina

Check that there is a United Propane Gas office in your area.


Propane, tank installation, leak testing and inspections.

Ask for a quote that encompasses all your potential propane requirements in terms of tanks, appliances, etc.).

Safety record

Emergency safety number available.

Enquire as to the company’s local safety history and record.

Business reputation

Very good.

Call your local UPG customer care number to find out how responsive they are.

Propane price

Information not available.

Check LP gas price trends in your state or region to verify that the price per gallon reflects market price as much as possible.

Propane tanks

Various sizes, to rent or buy.

Decide on the propane tank size you need given your probable usage and whether you prefer to rent or purchase it from UPG.

Propane price options

Market pricing and budget planning.

Assess whether you want to pay for propane in one or several installments.


UPG safety


United Propane Gas has a toll-free 24/7 emergency service number, which means customers can call if they suspect a leak or have doubts about a safety-related propane issue. However, very little else is available on UPG’s safety and training efforts. It offers basic safety tips but they are not as elaborate as those of other propane companies.

UPG business reputation and customer care


Although UPG has a relatively good business reputation, their responses to customer complaints only seem successful about 50% of the time. Of course, this does not mean their customer care services are not adequate. Indeed, you should call your local UPG office to see how friendly and efficient they are as you compare propane companies in your area.

UPG prices


Given how much propane prices can change depending on the price of crude oil, how much propane you use, what climate your region is in and how far you are from a main supply source, it is advisable to call your local UPG office and enquire as to their daily propane price. You can then compare it to what other companies have offered as you select your propane company.

UPG tanks


UPG sells and rents a large range of propane tanks. They offer underground tanks of 250, 325, 500 and 1,000 gallons and aboveground tanks of 125, 150, 250, 325, 500 and 1,000 gallons.


Buying a tank from UPG includes the possibility of financing it over 12 months. Given the considerable investment purchasing a propane tank represents, this is a welcome option for many propane users. Also, propane users with customer-owned tanks are free to choose between propane companies and tend to be offered lower propane prices per gallon, consequently.


Renting a tank from UPG involves paying a yearly tank rental fee. This is a much lower initial cost than that of buying a propane tank. However, renting a propane tank from UPG means that you can only fill it with UPG propane. Also, rented tanks tend to lead to higher propane prices per gallon.


Regardless of whether you buy or lease a tank from UPG, it is important to remember that larger tanks may enable you to save money in the sense that you can better plan propane deliveries to schedule them when propane prices are lower, such as in the summer months.

UPG payment options


UPG offers its customers the possibility of paying for propane deliveries in several installments, offsetting the considerable investment that filling a propane tank often represents.