Propane in New York (NY)

Propane in New York (NY)

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Propane users in New York (NY) might want to use the information below to compare different sources of energy and check propane statistics. However, it is important to note that though useful elements of comparison, these figures should not replace the utility of requesting quotes directly from propane companies. Indeed, that is the best way of finding the best propane deal – by comparing proposals adapted to your situation.

Propane usage and spending

The people of New York (NY) use 243 gallons of propane per year on average, according to US Energy Information Administration data. The same statistics show that they spend $705 per year on propane, unless they use propane for heating, where the average yearly propane expense is $1,458.[1] New York (NY) inhabitants therefore use less propane each year then the national average (464 gallons); they have a smaller propane bill on average, but they pay more for heating with propane (average).


New York (NY)


Average propane price (2012-2013 winter season)



Propane usage per household (gallons)



Propane spending per household (dollars)



Propane spending per household on heating (dollars)



Electricity usage per household (kWh)



Electricity spending per household (dollars)



Electricity spending per household on heating (dollars)



Natural gas usage per household (thousand cubic feet)



Natural gas spending per household (dollars)



Natural gas spending per household on heating (dollars)



Average energy spending per household (dollars)



Average energy spending per household on heating (dollars)



Propane and energy statistics, 2009 figures / Source: US Energy Information Administration

Propane prices

The New York (NY) average propane price over the 2012/2013 heating season was $2.868 per gallon, compared to the $2.436 per gallon national average. The price difference is explained through New York (NY)’s slightly colder climate compared to the country’s average and distance from the propane major supply sources that are the Gulf Coast and the Midwest.

Nevertheless, the best way to get the most advantageous propane price per gallon is to compare quotes between companies near you. As you do this, you may want to verify whether each company’s propane prices follow the regional trends, as depicted in the graph below.

Propane companies

In New York (NY), all three US propane companies (Amerigas, Suburban Propane and Ferrellgas) have outlets. Many other propane companies operate in New York (NY) – Paraco Gas, Superior Plus Energy Services, Townsend Energy, Country Propane, Lenox Propane, Blue Flame Gas, etc. Given the size of New York (NY), there are also bound to be more local companies or cooperatives in your area.

Start by making a list of what you will need from a propane company in terms of services, pricing and budget options, tanks, maintenance, etc. Then, source the propane companies in your area and request detailed quotes from those you feel might interest you. By comparing these quotes, you are sure to find the right propane deal for your home.

The propane industry and regulations

The New York (NY) propane industry finds a common voice in the New York (NY) Propane Gas Association. The Association provides crucial lobbying, networking and training services. This includes the famous Certified Employee Training Program – essential in terms of propane safety. The New York (NY) propane industry’s activities are framed by the Fire Code of New York (NY) State.

[1] This figure is higher than average propane spending because some propane users do not use LP gas for heating and the consumption average factors this in.