Propane in Vermont (VT)

Propane in Vermont (VT)

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Vermonters using propane in their home will find information on this page useful insofar as it provides pertinent statistics and elements for comparison. However, this improved understanding of the propane market in Vermont (VT) should not stop you from requesting and comparing quotes from different propane suppliers. Indeed, this is the most accurate way of finding the best propane deal for your home.

Propane usage and spending averages in Vermont (VT)

Vermonters use an average of 318 gallons of propane each year, the US Energy Information Administration estimates. It further reports that average propane spending per year in Vermont is $916 per year, though people who use it for heating spend an average of $1,182 per year for this purpose.

The table below compares Vermont (VT) selected energy statistics with national averages. It shows that Vermonters who use propane use less gas each year on average than in the United States as a whole. It also shows that Vermont propane comes at a higher cost per gallon.

This is explained by the fact that Vermont is relatively far from the US’s two large propane supply sources – the Midwest and the Gulf Coast. It also stems from Vermont’s cold climate, as this tends to push gas prices upwards.




Average propane price (2012-2013 winter season)



Propane usage per household (gallons)



Propane spending per household (dollars)



Propane spending per household on heating (dollars)



Electricity usage per household (kWh)



Electricity spending per household (dollars)



Electricity spending per household on heating (dollars)



Natural gas usage per household (thousand cubic feet)



Natural gas spending per household (dollars)



Natural gas spending per household on heating (dollars)



Average energy spending per household (dollars)



Average energy spending per household on heating (dollars)



Propane and energy statistics, 2009 figures / Source: US Energy Information Administration

Propane prices in Vermont (VT)

The average price Vermonters paid per gallon of propane over the 2012/2013 heating season was $3.332. This is considerably more than the $2.436 per gallon corresponding to the national average because of climate and distance to major supply sources.

The graph below should enable you to check that propane suppliers’ prices follow regional pricing trends. This can be helpful when enquiring about what different companies offer in your quest to find the right propane deal for your home in Vermont (VT).

Vermont (VT) propane companies

Of the three national propane companies, Amerigas has a location in Vermont (VT). But both Ferrellgas and Suburban Propane operate in Vermont through locations in nearby states. Other, slightly smaller, companies also operate in Vermont, such as Blue Flame Gas, Eastern Propane, Paraco Gas, Matheson Gas, Haskin Gas, among others. There may even be local companies or cooperatives close to your home.

Finding the best propane deal for your home starts with identifying the propane companies located in your area of Vermont (VT). Think about what you might need from a propane company in terms of services (pricing, tanks, maintenance, budget planning, etc.) and request detailed quotes from each supplier. This comparison will help you in your selection.

The Vermont (VT) propane industry and regulations

The propane industry in Vermont (VT) is represented through the Propane Gas Association of New England, which organizes government and legislative lobbying for companies and essential safety training programs for propane industry employees, such as the Propane Education & Research Council’s Certified Employee Training Program. A lot of the industry’s activities falls under the Building and Fire Safety Code, the Vermont Statutes, Title 9, Chapter 63 (Consumer Protection) and Title 10 (Underground and Aboveground Liquid Storage Tanks).