Amerigas refill

Once your propane level gets to 30% or 20% of tank capacity, it is advisable to call a propane company to get a refill and avoid running out of propane gas. Here is some information on how to go about getting an Amerigas refill.

Amerigas refill and propane price fluctuations

When asking for an Amerigas refill, bear in mind that Amerigas propane prices fluctuate regularly. These variations depend on several factors, including supply and demand (the more people want propane, the higher the propane price Amerigas tends to quote), location (the closer your home is to a propane supply source, such as the Gulf Coast or the Midwest, the lower the propane prices Amerigas tends to quote) and usage (the more propane you use, the lower the propane prices Amerigas tends to quote). This also explains the higher propane prices customers pay in winter compared to summer.

Who to call for an Amerigas refill

Amerigas is the United States’ largest propane company. It has over 2,000 locations in all 50 states. Therefore, though you can call the main Amerigas refill number advertised on their website, you might want to call your closest propane outlet, which you can find by entering your zipcode on the Amerigas website. Alternatively, your last Amerigas refill bill is likely to have all the necessary information: telephone number and account reference number.

Advice on getting an Amerigas refill if you are on will-call

If you have a will-call propane supply agreement with Amerigas, which means you monitor your own tank level and call Amerigas when it hits 30%, and need to refill your propane tank, it is recommended to plan ahead. Planning Amerigas refills simply entails regularly calling your closest Amerigas office and finding out their daily market price. This way, you will see how prices fluctuate and be able to order propane when it is most advantageous for you.

How to get an Amerigas refill if you are on automatic delivery

Automatic propane delivery is convenient because Amerigas monitors your tank level and plans refills accordingly. Homes on Amerigas automatic delivery do not need to monitor their propane tank levels or call their closes Amerigas outlet to schedule a delivery. However, it remains advisable to check the Amerigas market price regularly because Amerigas refill rates will be those on the delivery day and you might want to check whether they remain advantageous for you.

Getting an Amerigas propane refill when on a fixed pricing plan

Amerigas has several fixed pricing plans that make refills slightly simpler. For $99 per year, the Ameriguard program enables customers to set a fixed price for propane deliveries for a certain duration and pay a monthly bill regardless of Amerigas refill dates. AmeriLock is similar insofar as the annual fee is the same but it does not include monthly payment options. The Amerigas Pre-Buy plan enables customers to buy propane in advance at a set price (there is no associated fee). In all these cases, your refill rate will be predetermined so there is no need to check the Amerigas refill price.

Ordering an Amerigas refill if you own your propane tank

Only people who own their propane tank are able to choose the propane company they want for a propane refill. If you rent your propane tank from Amerigas it is probably illegal for you to fill it with another company’s propane. But if you own your tank, you can put pressure on Amerigas by comparing their daily refill price with that of other propane companies. Propane prices for Amerigas refills are also usually cheaper for customers who own their propane tank since they are not bound by a propane supply agreement.