Amerigas propane price

There is a lot of information online about Amerigas propane prices. Unfortunately, most of it is inaccurate and stems from unsatisfied customers who are hardly representative of the average Amerigas customer or propane price. Here is some basic information to help you understand what price you might pay for propane with Amerigas and how to get the best deal.

Get a quote for Amerigas propane prices: the intelligent solution

Getting quotes from different propane companies is the only way to ensure you have the deal you need for your home. Your approach with Amerigas should be the same: think about what you need and request a quote detailing what price Amerigas will charge for propane per gallon to compare it to other propane dealers.

Does Amerigas have the cheapest propane price?

That depends. Energy and propane usage varies so much from one home to another that it is difficult to establish whether or not Amerigas charges a cheaper propane price than its competitors.

At the end of the 2013 winter season, for Ohio, spot calls showed that the Amerigas propane price was not the cheapest of the three national propane companies for a first fill ($1.69/gal while Ferrellgas charged $1.49/gal and Suburban Propane $1.79/gal) but it was the cheapest propane price of the three thereafter ($2.09/gal while Ferrellgas charged $2.37/gal and Suburban Propane $2.59/gal).

This is why it is so important to compare quotes between propane companies, including Amerigas, before deciding which is the best one for your home in terms of propane prices.

Why does the Amerigas propane price change so much?

Amerigas is the United States’ larges propane company. It has outlets in all 50 states and 650 retail locations. So variations in the Amerigas propane price make sense: somebody with a 500-gallon propane tank in Ohio will not pay the same Amerigas propane price as somebody with a 250-gallon tank in Florida.

Usage affects the Amerigas propane price

Basically, usage is the main factor affecting propane prices, including that of Amerigas. The more propane you use, the cheaper the propane price will be. So somebody ordering propane from Amerigas for a 250-gallon tank will pay a higher price than somebody filling a 500-gallon tank, regardless of location.

Location is another factor in the propane price Amerigas charges

Still, location also affects propane prices: people ordering Amerigas propane in states close to major supply sources (Gulf Coast or Midwest, for example) will pay a lower price for propane than people who live in states far away, like in New England. For example, spot calls to Amerigas outlets at the end of the 2013 winter season showed that customers were charged $1.69 per gallon in Kentucky, while the propane price was $2.79 per gallon in New Jersey (first fill for 500-gallon tank - $3.50 and $1.99 per gallon thereafter, respectively).

Climate is taken into account when Amerigas sets its propane price

Furthermore, seasons affect propane prices insofar as they reflect supply and demand. Amerigas propane prices are higher in winter than they are in summer, regardless of location, because more people need propane. The higher the demand, the higher the propane price per gallon Amerigas charges.

Therefore, once more, only a detailed quote can enable you to assess whether the price Amerigas offers you is the best deal for your home in terms of propane gas.