Amerigas propane delivery

The United States’ largest propane company, Amerigas, offers two propane delivery options. This page is meant to help you understand what they entail and get the most accurate quotes when signing up with Amerigas.

Amerigas propane pay by delivery

All Amerigas customers have the option of monitoring their propane tank levels and calling their local Amerigas outlet to order a delivery when the level of propane in their tank falls under 30%.

  • Main advantage of Amerigas propane pay by delivery: pay by delivery is a convenient Amerigas propane delivery option if you are happy to monitor propane tank levels or if you wish to plan your Amerigas delivery according to propane price variations.
  • Main disadvantage of Amerigas propane pay by delivery: The Amerigas pay-by-delivery system forces you to constantly monitor propane tank levels and exposes you to the risk of running out of propane if you forget to monitor your tank levels (and incurring hefty emergency delivery fees).

Amerigas propane automatic delivery

Amerigas customers also have the option of asking Amerigas to monitor their propane tank levels for them and schedule a delivery when they fall under 30%. In this case, Amerigas works out a home’s propane usage based on size and number of occupants, as well as climate conditions (homes using propane for heating use more propane gas during winter, for example).

  • Main advantage of Amerigas propane automatic delivery: Customers on automatic delivery with Amerigas are unlikely to run out of propane. All you need to do is ensure the Amerigas propane delivery truck has access to your property; you do not need to be at home when Amerigas delivers propane.
  • Main disadvantage of Amerigas propane automatic delivery: Customers are billed according to the delivery day’s propane price per gallon. With Amerigas propane automatic delivery, it is very difficult to control the price you are charged for propane or the amount of propane ordered since it is planned automatically.

Amerigas propane delivery at a fixed propane price

Besides delivery options, Amerigas has propane pricing options and the two should be considered together. Basically, Amerigas enables customers to pay for propane at the residential market price or negotiate a fixed pricing plan, which costs $100 per year unless you buy your propane in advance.

While paying the residential market price for Amerigas propane pay-by-delivery and automatic delivery are similar, if on a fixed pricing agreement such as AmeriGuard or AmeriLock there is no reason not to ask for automatic delivery since your propane price per gallon remains the same during an agreed amount of time.