Suburban Propane rates

What should you do to get the best rates for Suburban Propane gas? Here is what you need to know to find the best propane deal and understand the basics regarding Suburban Propane rates.

The way to get the best and most accurate Suburban Propane rates is to request a quote

Requesting a quote is relatively simple. A little work ensures you will get an accurate a quote as possible for Suburban Propane rates. It all starts by deciding what you need from Suburban Propane, as rates might also reflect services you require. For example: do you need a propane tank, a pricing plan, a budget solution, a maintenance service, automatic or will-call delivery? Also: think about how much propane you are likely to use since this will determine what size tank you are offered and, above all, Suburban Propane rates per gallon.

Are Suburban Propane rates better than other propane dealers?

Propane Deal tried to establish whether Suburban Propane rates were more interesting than those of other propane companies by making random enquiries for the same address in Ohio, which is the state with propane rates that are closest to the national average propane price, at the end of the 2012-2013 winter season. At this time, Suburban Propane charged higher rates than either Amerigas or Ferrellgas for the first fill. Indeed, for a home with propane as the primary source of energy, the Suburban Propane rate was $1.799 per gallon, whereas Amerigas and Ferrellgas charged rates of $1.699 and $1.499 per gallon respectively. Suburban Propane rates for subsequent fills during this period were also higher than Amerigas or Ferrellgas propane rates insofar as Suburban Propane charged a rate of $2.599 per gallon, whereas Amerigas and Ferrellgas charged rates of $2.099 and $2.37 per gallon respectively.

However, the situation changes drastically depending on where you live. Similar enquiries in New Jersey (where the Suburban Propane headquarters are located) showed that Suburban Propane rates can be lower than Amerigas or Ferrellgas rates: a home with a 500-gallon tank was charged a rate of $2.04 per gallon of propane for the first fill and $2.99 per gallon thereafter with Suburban Propane. These rates are better than either Amerigas ($2.79 per gallon for the first fill and $3.50 per gallon for the next fill) or Ferrellgas ($2.89 per gallon for the first fill and $4.09 per gallon for the next fill).

What affects Suburban Propane rates?

As you can see, Suburban Propane rates vary significantly froml one state to another: rates for a large home in Florida will be different to rates for somebody living in a small house in California. There are several reasons for this.

  • Suburban Propane rates are determined largely according to how much propane you intend to use. A household using propane as a primary source of energy will be charged lower rates by Suburban Propane than a home using very little propane for a single appliance.
  • Suburban Propane rates are also impacted on by supply and demand. The more people need propane, the higher the Suburban Propane rates will be. This explains why propane is more expensive in winter than in summer since people use propane for heating and need more of it when it is cold. This also explains why Suburban Propane rates are higher in colder states.
  • Suburban Propane rates also depend on how close a home is to a major supply source, like the Gulf Coast or the Midwest. Propane companies factor transportation costs into their propane price per gallon, and Suburban Propane rates are no exception: Virginia Suburban Propane rates will be higher than in Texas.

In the end, it is only by requesting and comparing quotes that you are likely to get the lowest Suburban Propane rates for LP gas.