Suburban Propane price per gallon

The unregulated propane market makes it easy for Suburban Propane to set the price per gallon it deems appropriate for each customer. Clearly, the most efficient way to get the cheapest propane price per gallon from Suburban Propane is to request quotes from different propane companies and compare them. Here are a few simple recommendations and a little background information to ensure the quote you get the best deal.

How does the Suburban Propane price per gallon compare with other major propane companies?

Suburban Propane does not publish its propane price per gallon but Propane Deal enquiries in Ohio, which is the state whose propane price trends per gallon are closest to the US national average, reveals that Suburban Propane more expensive than both Amerigas and Ferrellgas (based on March propane prices per gallon for a large home using a 500-gallon propane tank). The $1.799 and $2.599 propane price per gallon quoted by Suburban Propane’s outlet for first and next propane tank fills is higher than Amerigas and Ferrellgas. This changes in New Jersey, however, where the Suburban Propane price per gallon was lower than both Amerigas and Ferrellgas.

When is Suburban Propane’s price per gallon lowest and how can you get the best possible price per gallon for your home?

Suburban Propane prices per gallon in Ohio and New Jersey show that propane prices per gallon vary from one state to another. In fact, they also increase and decrease depending on propane usage, proximity to a major propane supply source and supply and demand. This is why getting quotes is so important: it ensures not only that Suburban Propane offers you the most accurate price per gallon for your home but enables you to compare Suburban Propane’s offer with those of other propane companies near your home (and insert a little competition into the mix).

How can you get the best quotes? Propane Deal has a specific page on this but in a nutshell:

  • propane usage determines Suburban Propane prices per gallon to a large extent have information about propane tank size, home size, number of occupants and living habits ready;
  • if you do not know whether to buy or rent a propane tank, know that the Suburban Propane price per gallon is higher for rented tanks (since you have to buy from Suburban Propane) than for owned tanks (which are more expensive but you can choose your propane company).