Suburban Propane delivery

Undecided as to whether to choose pay by delivery or automatic delivery with Suburban Propane? Here is some information to guide you and help you get the best quotes from one of the US’s largest propane companies.

With pay by delivery, chose when to have Suburban Propane deliver gas to your home

When propane tank levels fall under 30%, the tank needs to be replenished. The pay by delivery delivery option with Suburban Propane lets you do the monitoring: customers regularly check how much propane is in their tank and ask Suburban Propane for a delivery when it is running low on propane.

  • Why select the Suburban Propane pay by delivery delivery option? First, you control your propane supply by deciding when Suburban Propane should schedule a delivery. Second, you are better able to schedule Suburban Propane deliveries according to the propane residential market price since you know what it costs when you call Suburban Propane for a delivery.
  • What are the risks associated with the Suburban Propane pay by delivery delivery option? Monitoring your own propane levels is something you have to remember to do. If you forget, you run the risk of running out of propane and paying Suburban Propane’s expensive emergency delivery fee, which is around $200!

With automatic delivery, let Suburban Propane work out when a delivery is necessary

Automatic delivery implies that Suburban Propane works out when your propane tank levels are likely to drop below 30% and plan a delivery accordingly. Suburban Propane estimates home propane usage through a combination of home size, number of occupants and weather conditions (people who use propane for heating consume more gas in winter, for example).

  • Why select the Suburban Propane automatic delivery option? You do not have to worry about running out of propane since delivery is Suburban Propane’s responsibility. All you need to do is make sure the Suburban Propane delivery truck can access your property and propane tank.
  • What are the risks associated with Suburban Propane’s automatic delivery option? You do not follow propane price variations: Suburban Propane will bill you for each automatic delivery according to the delivery day’s residential market price - this could be more or less than expected!