Ferrellgas refill

Running out of propane can become a costly and inconvenient affair if it happens in winter and you have to order an emergency propane delivery from your propane company - most charge around $200 dollars on top of the propane price. Here is a little advice on how to get a refill from Ferrellgas depending on your situation.

Ferrellgas refills and propane price changes

Ferrellgas does not always quote the same price for refills because their daily market price depends on three main factors. First, the more propane ask for, the lower the price is probably going to be. Second, the closer your home is to the US’s major propane supply sources, the cheaper the refill. Third, the more people are ordering refills at a given time (e.g., in winter), the higher the Ferrellgas refill price.

Who to contact for a Ferrellgas refill

Unlike its two main national competitors, Amerigas and Suburban Propane, Ferrellgas does not have a central number you can call to request a refill. However, your zipcodes enables you to locate the outlet closest to your home and order a refill from them. Alternatively, there is probably a contact number close to your account number on your last Ferrellgas propane bill.

What to look out when getting a Ferrellgas refill if on will-call or automatic delivery

If on will-call, it is up to you to ask for a Ferrellgas refill when your tank gauge indicates 30% or less. Otherwise, you run the risk of running out of propane. However, even before the meter hits 30% capacity, it is advisable to call Ferrellgas regularly and see what their daily market propane price is. This enables you to order a Ferrellgas refill when you consider the price to be reasonnable.

If on automatic delivery with Ferrellgas, you do not have to worry about monitoring your propane tank level. It is Ferrellgas that organizes refills depending on when they gather than your propane tank level is dropping below an acceptable point. However, do not hesitate to call in regularly anyway to check on the propane price as the price you are charged for each refill will be that of the day of the delivery.

What to keep in mind when on a fixed pricing plan and asking for a Ferrellgas refill

Like many other propane companies, Ferrellgas offers fixed pricing options. This entails that you agree on a propane price for a certain time and order a refill when your propane level drops, or, if on automatic delivery, get a refill automatically. The refill price does not change during the period for which a fixed price has been agreed. This is relatively convenient since it saves you the trouble of regular calls to check up on propane prices.

What your options are if you own your propane tank and want a Ferrellgas refill

Customers with rented propane tanks from Ferrellgas are unable to fill their tank with propane from another company. In most states, it is illegal to do so and there is always a hefty fine to pay if it is done. However, if you own your propane tank you have luxury of choosing your propane company. Even if your mind is set on Ferrellgas, it might be a good idea to ask other companies how much a propane refill would be a compare that propane price with that of Ferrellgas. Either way, you are likely to get your refill at lower rates than if you had a rented tank.