Ferrellgas prices

There are lots of online forums about Ferrellgas’ propane prices. What do they really mean? How are they established? Here is some information to help a normal person understand Ferrellgas’ propane price and get the best deal!

Ferrellgas propane prices - how do they compare with what other propane companies charge?

Simply put: relatively well. Propane Deal looked at Ferrellas propane prices for the end of the 2012-2013 winter season and found that in Ohio, the state closest to the national average in terms of propane prices, Ferrellgas prices were in between its two largest competitors (Amerigas and Suburban Propane). Ferrellgas prices for the first and subsequent propane deliveries in an Ohio home using propane as a primary source of energy fetched $1.499 per gallon and $2.37 per gallon respectively. By comparison, Amerigas was more expensive for the first fill ($1.699 per gallon) but cheaper thereafter ($2.099 per gallon). Suburban Propane charged a higher price than either Amerigas and Ferrellgas: first fill cost $1.799 per gallon and the next fill $2.599 per gallon. Obviously, this is set to change progressively since propane prices fluctuate.

More accurately, it is difficult to establish a general rule for Ferrellgas prices. If we look at New Jersey for the same usage and at the same period, Ferrellgas prices are higher than either Amerigas or Suburban Propane. Indeed, the New Jersey Ferrellgas price was $2.89 per gallon for first fill and $4.09 for the next fill, while Suburban Propane charged $2.04 per gallon (first fill - $2.99 per gallon thereafter) and Amerigas had set a $2.79 per gallon propane price for first fill ($3.50 per gallon next fill). So it changes quite a lot from state to state, from county to county: the prices Ferrellgas charges in Texas will be very different to the ones they charge in Virginia.

Ensuring the Ferrellgas price you are charged is the best possible propane price

Need to know whether the Ferrellgas propane price in your area is the best deal? It is worthwhile to start by deciding what you need in terms of propane: underground or aboveground propane tank, maintenance services, budget options, pricing plans, delivery options, etc.

Then ask for detailed quotes, and not just from Ferrellgas - request quotes from various propane companies in your area. Not only will the Ferrellgas price you are quoted reflect your home situation accurately, but you do not lose anything by pitching companies against one another!

Why do Ferrellgas prices vary so much?

This is the first impression people have when they try to find out about Ferrellgas prices, and it is not surprising.

  • The fact is that Ferrellgas prices depend quite a lot on how much propane a home uses. The Ferrellgas price is higher for people who use little propane (e.g., if you only need it for a single appliance, like an outdoor grill) than for homes where propane is the primary source of energy (which requires at least a 500-gallon tank). Basically, Ferrellgas prices reflect how profitable a customer is. This is no small matter since Ferrellgas prices can change by over a dollar based on consumption.
  • Like all other propane companies, Ferrellgas prices are influenced by supply and demand. This is basic economics: the more people need propane gas, the higher the prices Ferrellgas can afford to charge. This also explains why Ferrellgas prices tend to rise in winter, and decrease in summer (a good time to fill up your tank, then!).
  • And like other propane dealers, Ferrellgas prices vary according to your location. There are two reasons for this. First, the further you are from one of the United States’ major propane supply sources (Gulf Coast or Midwest), the more expensive it is for Ferrellgas to get propane to your home (of course, there are closer storage facilities), so the higher the Ferrellgas prices will be for your home. But, closer to the supply-and-demand explanation, people in colder states tend get charged a higher Ferrellgas propane price because they use more propane for heating (which increases demand and, consequently, propane prices).

With this in mind, you can now find out if Ferrellgas prices are the best for your home by requesting quotes (here is some more advice on what to ask)!