Ferrellgas rates

Are you considering Ferrellgas as a propane company and wondering whether they have the best rates? The following should help you figure out Ferrellgas propane rates.

Requesting a detailed quotes is the surest way of having accurate propane rates from Ferrellgas

Making a list of propane companies that are closest to your home and requesting detailed quotes has two main advantages:

  • First, it enables you to think about what the rates you get from propane companies, including Ferrellgas, should take into account - services, maintenance, tank lease, budget options, pricing plans, etc.
  • Second, it enables you to compare what different propane companies offer and see whether Ferrellgas has the best rates in your area for the propane-related services you require.

Do Ferrellgas propane rates beat those of other propane companies?

While a general rule is difficult to establish, a propane rates study for the end of the 2012-2013 winter season in Ohio, which is the state with the closest average propane rates to the national US Energy Information Administration averages, showed that for a home using propane as a primary source of energy (i.e., using a 500-gallon propane tank), Ferrellgas propane rates fared relatively well.

A comparison between Ferrellgas propane rates and those of its two main competitors, Amerigas and Suburban Propane, found that Ferrellgas rates were $1.499 per gallon for a first fill and $2.37 per gallon for the next fill. This placed Ferrellgas propane rates below Amerigas and Suburban Propane for the first fill (Amerigas charged a rate of $1.699 per gallon and Suburban Propane a rate of $1.799 per gallon). But it placed Ferrellgas rates between Amerigas and Suburban Propane for the next fill (Amerigas charged a rate of $2.099 per gallon and Suburban Propane a rate of $2.599 per gallon).

But rates change a lot from one state to another. Let us look at another example: New Jersey. Here, Ferrellgas rates were higher than both Amerigas and Suburban Propane, since Ferrellgas charged rates of $2.89 (first fill) and $4.09 (next fill) per gallon, whereas Amerigas’ rates were $2.79 (first fill) and $3.50 (next fill) per gallon and Suburban Propane charged rates of $2.04 (first fill) and $2.99 (next fill) per gallon. In other states Ferrellgas offers the cheapest rates of the three, making requesting quotes all the more important for an accurate comparison.

What determines the rates Ferrellgas charges for propane?

We have seen that Ferrellgas propane rates vary a lot from one situation to another, and from one location to another. Let us see why this is:

  • Ferrellgas propane rates vary according to propane usage. The more propane a home needs, the cheaper the rates Ferrellgas will charge. Therefore, somebody using propane as a primary source of energy will be offered better propane rates by Ferrellgas than somebody using propane only for cooking.
  • Ferrellgas propane rates also depend on supply and demand. The more people need propane, the more Ferrellgas propane rates rise. This is why Ferrellgas rates are higher if you need propane in winter (people using propane for heating need more of it), and lower if you need gas in summer.
  • Ferrellgas propane rates change with location. Indeed, the closer your home is to one of the country’s major propane supply sources (Midwest and Gulf Coast), the lower the Ferrellgas rates are likely to be. This explains why Ferrellgas propane rates are higher in New Jersey than, say, in Kentucky.