Ferrellgas propane delivery

Ferrellgas has three propane delivery options: Will Call, Keep Full and Smarfill. The information below is meant to help you understand what earch entails and decide what is the best propane delivery solution for you when requesting a quote from Ferrellgas.

Ferrellgas Will Call allows you to plan each propane delivery yourself

It is advisable to schedule a Ferrellgas propane delivery when you have 30% or less propane in your tank. With Will Call, Ferrellgas lets you do the monitoring and call your local office when you need a delivery.

  • Will Call advantages: You are in control of your propane usage and propane deliveries. To a certain extent, you are also in control of the price per gallon you pay Ferrellgas for each delivery since you decide when to schedule them.
  • Will Call disadvantages: If you forget to schedule a delivery and run out of propane, an emergency propane delivery from Ferrellgas will cost you $200. Also, the price you pay per gallon is that of Ferrellgas propane on the delivery day, which you do not choose.

With Keep Full, Ferrellgas schedules each propane delivery according to usage estimates

The Keep Full delivery program shifts the responsibility of monitoring your propane tank levels to Ferrellgas. Based on your historic consumption, the number of occupants in your home, how large your home is and current weather patterns, Ferrellgas works out when your propane tank levels are likely to drop below 30% and schedules propane deliveries accordingly.

  • Keep Full advantages: You avoid the risk of running out of propane since Ferrellgas is responsible for planning each delivery according to the propane usage they have calculated for your home. All you need is provide Ferrellgas with access to your property - you do not even have to be home when the delivery is scheduled.
  • Keep Full disadvantages: Your Ferrellgas bill will reflect their residential propane price on the day of the delivery so you are more exposed to propane price fluctuations.

The Smartfill propane delivery option monitors tank levels electronically for automatic delivery scheduling

Smartfill is similar to Keep Full in the sense that you do not have to monitor how much propane you have in your tank. However, unlike Keep Full, the Smartfill program schedules each Ferrellgas propane delivery thanks to an electronic tank monitor.

  • Smartfill advantages: Same as Keep Full, and each delivery is planned more accurately since it is based on real propane usage.
  • Smartfill disadvantages: Same as Keep Full, and the delivery option is not available to people who are not already Ferrellgas customers.