Amerigas propane prices per gallon 2013

If you want to find out the prices you might pay for Amerigas propane per gallon in 2013, you should call your local Amerigas retail outlet to find out what their daily residential propane prices per gallon are. However, here is some advice on how best to do this.

Available information on Amerigas propane prices per gallon in 2013

The propane market is unregulated and propane companies are free to set their propane prices per gallon individually. Because Amerigas propane prices per gallon in 2013 vary considerably from one home to another (see factors affecting propane prices per gallon below), Amerigas does not publish its propane prices.

However, Propane Deal has enquired into Amerigas propane prices per gallon at the end of the 2013 winter season for a large home with a 500-gallon propane tank in Ohio, which is the state with propane prices per gallon that are closest to national averages according to the United States Energy Information Administration.

The result is not surprising: Amerigas does not have the 2013 cheapest propane prices per gallon but does relatively well with a discounted first fill at $1.69 per gallon and was the cheapest propane company for the next propane fill at $2.09 per gallon. We compared the propane prices per gallon of the three largest propane dealers in the US so look at our Suburban Propane and Ferrellgas pages for a complete comparison.

However, calling the closest outlet to your home is particularly important because Amerigas may not have the cheapest 2013 propane prices per gallon in your state or in your county!

How to get the best Amerigas propane prices per gallon in 2013

The winter season is approaching and many of you will need their propane tanks filled. Getting a quote from Amerigas is very much like getting a quote from other major propane companies and requires a little thinking to get the best propane price per gallon for the 2013 winter and lowest heating costs. Here is what you should do:

  • think about usage, the main factor affecting the propane prices Amerigas will quote you per gallon in 2013: How large is your home? How many of you are there? What appliances do you need propane gas for?
  • think about tanks: Does your home already have a propane tank or do you need to rent one from Amerigas? Propane prices per gallon are usually higher for owned tanks than leased tanks.
  • think about pricing options: Do you want to pay a fixed rate? This might be higher than the current market price but safer in the long run since you are not vulnerable to fluctuations in propane prices per gallon. Amerigas Pre-Buy allows you to buy a certain quantity of propane gallons at a fixed price (it is free) while AmeriLock guarantees you a certain propane price per gallon in the 2013-2014 winter season (but costs $99 per year).
  • think about other companies: Call around to get other quotes and get the most accurate comparison between propane companies to see if the 2013 Amerigas propane prices per gallon are the most advantageous for you.

How to explain Amerigas propane prices per gallon in 2013

Three factors influence the propane prices Amerigas will quote you in 2013:

  • the more propane you consume, the lower the Amerigas propane prices per gallon;
  • the closer you live to a supply source, the lower the Amerigas propane prices per gallon;
  • the fewer people need propane at a given time, the lower the Amerigas propane prices per gallon.

So get a quote before you are well into the winter season to take advantage of lower prices and if possible, get a fixed rate so you do not have to worry about pricing variarions when you next need to fill your tank with Amerigas propane.