Amerigas complaints

Here is key information on the complaints process for Amerigas propane customers. Contrary to popular belief, it is not difficult to lodge a complaint against Amerigas and the company has policies to solve pricing and service issues as best it can. Failing a satisfactory handling of your complaint, you can always shop around to see if switching propane companies is a good idea.

What are the most common Amerigas complaints issues?

Most Amerigas customers who have complaints about propane services are unsatisfied about the price they pay for propane or the time it takes for propane to be delivered to their home. This is understandable: the propane market is unregulated so prices can be relatively high and running out of propane in winter if using LP gas for heating is very inconvenient.

There are simple ways to avoid this annoying situations:

  • Regarding propane prices, complaints are easily avoided by doing a little research and getting quotes ahead of signing a propane contract to ensure you find the best propane price for your home.
  • Regarding delivery dates, automatic delivery is a convenient solution since Amerigas plans deliveries according to estimated propane usage.

Before lodging a complain with Amerigas, know your rights

Amerigas lists customer rights and company policies in its “Disclosure of Customer Rights and Company Policies” document. This is useful information to have when planning to lodge a complaint against Amerigas. Here are the basic rights Amerigas customers enjoy:

  • the right to be provided with an oral or written quote;
  • the right for that quote to enable you to compare quotes with other companies (comparison shopping);
  • the right to rent equipment (e.g., propane tank) from Amerigas or use equipment you already own;
  • the right to change propane companies if you have an issue with the price charged or the service provided by Amerigas;
  • the right to a seven-day notification before your propane supply is interrupted because of an unpaid bill.

Where can you lodge a complaint against Amerigas?

  • Your first port of call when lodging a complaint against Amerigas is the company itself. Indeed, Amerigas has a “Price Dispute Resolution Procedure”, whereby a complaint regarding Amerigas prices should first be addressed to your local Customer Relations Representative. Should your complaint not be dealt with adequately, you are encouraged to contact the District Manager, followed by the Area Director, and even the Region Vice-President.
  • Often, another useful way of lodging a complaint against Amerigas is via the Better Business Bureau. This enables you to find your local Amerigas office and file a complaint, to which Amerigas usually replies (the BBB assesses Amerigas’ capacity to deal with customer complaints). Using the BBB is handy for potential customers, too, since they have an idea of their local office’s reputation. The BBB also allows for complaints lodging at Amerigas headquarters.
  • All states have a department where complaints against Amerigas can be lodged. For example, in New Jersey, complaints against Amerigas, if unresolved by Amerigas itself, can be sent to the Department of Cummunity Affairs.