Find a propane retailer

Find a propane retailer

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There are thousands of propane companies in the United States and there are several issues to consider before selecting one to supply you with propane.

Propane company proximity

Your propane company should have an outlet as close to your home as possible. This is especially important in terms of delivery, maintenance and customer care. It is useful to have an outlet nearby in case you come close to running out of propane or if your propane appliances system needs maintenance. The closer your outlet is to your home, the faster the intervention (be it delivery or technical) and it is likely to reduce the price you pay for propane.

Propane company safety record

Propane is heavily regulated through guidelines and laws at federal and state level. Yet it remains crucial to check that your company complies with this framework and can respond quickly and efficiently to any safety issue that arises. When choosing a supplier, look into their safety record, check with the local regulatory agency (they will have information on compliance and safety), make sure the company is a member of the National Propane Gas Association or the state propane gas association, a list of which you can find here.

Propane company policies and reputation

Selecting a retailer should also involve examining the companies’ procedures (for example, what happens if you run out of gas). The Better Business Bureau will give you companies’ history and reputation. This is crucial in terms of customer care: For example, if you are running out of propane, you will prefer to have a responsive company, which reacts quickly, as your supplier.

Propane company contracts

Last, but not least, you ought to look into the services offered by each supplier. The package each company will offer you will include propane price, service options, payment options, etc. It is important for you to shop around for the solution that best suits your needs, and not just focus on the price of propane. You might prefer paying a fixed price for propane or selecting automatic delivery, for example.

Questions to ask when finding a retailer

  • What type of gas systems appliance program does the company offer?
  • What are the company’s delivery options and budget services?
  • Does the company also sell gas appliances?
  • What does the company offer in terms of emergency services?
  • Does the company have a local outlet and how close is it?
  • What training does the company offer its employees in terms of customer care and safety?
  • What does the BBB or Attorney General’s office say about the company?
  • How old is the company?

All these issues are discussed in more detail in the propane companies section.