Propane and butane

Propane and butane

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Propane and butane are liquefied petroleum gases (LPGs). This means they come from mixing hydrocarbon gases and are highly flammable. But it also means they are practical, safe and clean alternative sources of energy.

Propane and butane are practical because your tank or cylinder is stored on your property. This means you can choose when to have your propane tank filled (through a propane dealer who delivers the gas to you directly) or go to a filling station for your butane or propane cylinder. 

Propane and butane are clean and safe

LPGs have lower carbon emissions than other fossil fuels and their use is strictly controlled by federal and state safety regulations. This means accidents hardly ever occur, making propane and butane a safe source of energy.

Choosing between propane and butane

The choice between propane and butane depends on your equipment and what you use gas for. If you already have an aboveground or underground tank you will naturally choose propane. You can store large quantities of it and it boils later (-44°F) than butane. On the other hand, if you have an indoor cylinder, butane would be the logical choice since it generates more energy per unit than propane.


Gas tanks

Gas cylinders


In aboveground or underground tanks

Propane is recommended if your cylinder is outside.


Not available for residential use.

Butane is better if you have an indoor cylinder.