Propane tank price

Propane tank price

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Propane tanks come in various shapes and sizes, aboveground and underground. Here is a little information to help you figure out how much the one you need will cost you.

On the whole, propane tank prices vary from $350 to $3,500 if you decide to buy one. The price of a propane tank that you lease goes from $25 to $250 per year.

Aboveground propane tank purchase price

There is no reference for aboveground propane tank prices. The price you are offered depends on the manufacturer, where you live (for transportation costs) and especially how large you want your tank to be. Web research yields the following averages for aboveground propane tank prices:

Tank size (gallons)

Low-end cost (US dollars)

High-end cost (US dollars)

120 aboveground



250 aboveground



500 aboveground



1,000 aboveground



Underground propane tank price

Although easier on the eye, underground propane tanks are more expensive. Underground propane tank prices are higher than aboveground propane tank prices because, on the one hand, they are manufactured to resist soil conditions, and on the other hand, they cost more to install. Like aboveground propane tanks, underground propane tanks do not have a set price list. However, research on the Internet leads to the following averages:

Tank size (gallons)

Low-end cost (US dollars)

High-end cost (US dollars)

500 underground



1,000 underground



Rented propane tank price

Most Americans using propane prefer to rent rather than buy their propane tank. This reduces propane tank price significantly. Indeed, the rental price for propane tanks varies between $25 and $250 per year. Although the price of rented propane tanks, like the price of purchased propane tanks, depends considerably on size, there is no set rule or average when it comes to rented propane tank prices.

It is therefore advisable to include this in your research for the right propane company since it will be part of your contract negotiation. Some propane companies agree to waive the tank rental fee; others do not but may charge a lower propane price. It is in your interest to add rental propane tank prices to the list of criteria you will use to compare propane dealers.