Moving a propane tank

One of the reasons propane is a popular source of energy is that it is stored directly on your property in a large propane tank. However, if you change the configuration of your property (for instance, if you build a shed or a pool) you may want to move your propane tank for esthetic reasons (you may not want swimmers to look directly at a propane tank, for example) or safety considerations (there are minimum distance rules between propane tanks and other structures on your property, including buildings).

Risks associated to moving your propane tank

Moving a propane tank is not something you should attempt to do yourself. Although it is not necessarily illegal, the disadvantages far outweigh the benefits. Moving a propane tank often requires complicated modifications or reinstallation of your propane connections, such as valves, regulators, piping, etc. Incorrect propane system configuration can lead, at worst, to propane leaks (a serious safety risk), and often to suboptimal performance of your propane system.

Advantages of calling propane professionals

Therefore, if you need to have your propane tank moved you should call your propane company or a qualified service technician. They have the relevant tools and expertise; and they will be able to reconfigure your propane connections according to the highest safety standards. Remember: many aspects of a propane system are regulated for safety reasons. Also, repairs involved if components are damaged as you move a tank not only mean that you cannot use propane until components are fixed but also cost far more (sometimes hundreds of dollars) than having a qualified service technician intervene.

Moving house

Similarly, if you need to move your propane tank from your current home to a new one, you should call propane professionals. Propane tanks need to be almost empty before they can be transported (this is a legal requirement) and can only be transported on specialized trucks (bobtail trucks), which all propane companies use. However, moving home is a good opportunity to check which propane companies offers the best services (including in terms of moving your propane tank) and prices per gallon so you might want to call several and request quotes.