How to buy a propane tank

Although it represents a more significant initial investment than renting a propane tank, people who choose to buy a propane tank (about a third of propane users in the US) have several advantages. Here is a short guide on dos and don’ts if hesitating to buy a propane tank. Remember that buying a tank, should you decide this is the best option for your home, is best done as part of several request for quotes from propane companies in your area.

What are the costs involved when you buy a propane tank?

People who decide to buy a propane tank have to fork out a considerable sum of money intially. Aboveground propane tanks are cheaper to buy than underground propane tanks, as the table below shows:

Costs of buying an aboveground propane tank :

Tank size (gallons)

Low-end cost (US dollars)

High-end cost (US dollars)

120 aboveground



250 aboveground



500 aboveground



1,000 aboveground



Cost of buying an underground propane tank :

Tank size (gallons)

Low-end cost (US dollars)

High-end cost (US dollars)

500 underground



1,000 underground



Propane prices for people who buy their propane tank

The advantage of buying a propane tank is being able to find the company with the cheapest propane prices either for a given period of time or for each delivery. As a result, propane companies make more of an effort in the propane prices they offer to people who buy or have bought their propane tank. The larger the propane tank, the higher the propane price difference between people who have rented and bought propane tanks. Sometimes, the difference is as much as $1 per gallon for people with large tanks that they have decided to buy.

What is required to buy a propane tank

There are independent propane tank manufacturers and if you decide to buy your propane tank, nothing stops you from going to one of them and getting a quote. Most people find it more convenient to buy a propane tank directly from a propane company. Be careful, however: not all companies, and not all outlets, offer propane tanks.

When you buy a propane tank, you should also find out about maintenance plans for the tank. Your propane tank is a key part of any propane installing and safety should be your priority. Who maintains the tank you buy is therefore very important and you should only rely on qualified service technicians. It might be worthwhile to find out whether the propane companies in your area offer maintenance plans, as well as tanks.