Automatic delivery

Automatic delivery

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When your propane reaches a certain level (between 20% and 30% capacity) you should call your propane company to order a delivery and avoid risks of running out of propane (where you would need a leak test before you can start using propane again) or paying for an emergency delivery (between $100-200).

Advantages of automatic delivery

Alternatively, you could request that your propane company fill your tank automatically. In this case, propane companies use previous consumption, usage estimates and weather indicators to work out when your tank needs to be filled. It is one less thing to worry about.

Similarly, with automatic delivery you need not be at home when the propane delivery takes place. All the company needs is clear, unhindered access to your propane tank to ensure the truck can drive as close to it as necessary.

Another advantage of automatic delivery is that most companies make you a priority customer should your supply be low or you run out of propane. In this case, automatic delivery customers also tend to be exempt from special delivery charges.

Disadvantages of automatic delivery

However, automatic delivery often means that you are not as vigilant as to the price you are being charged for each propane delivery. Remember: propane companies are free to determine the price they charge per gallon of propane, which vary considerably depending on usage, region, distance, etc.

Therefore, even if you have selected automatic delivery, it is recommended that you keep an eye on your propane supply and, when you reach a certain level, call the propane company to check how you are being billed (how close their price is to the daily market price).

Also, automatic delivery customers are subject to a credit check.