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GAS Check

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The key to increasing propane safety in your home is ensuring that your propane system is fitted and functioning properly. Most propane companies and associations recommend that you have your entire propane system inspected regularly (at least once a year). In some states, this is mandatory and you should ask propane companies whether this is the case in your area.

The Propane Education & Research Council and National Propane Gas Association


The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) and the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) have set up elaborate inspections programs to assist companies in performing propane system checks. Propane companies who participate in the PERC, the NPGA or their local propane gas associations can benefit from solid inspection training in this regard.

PERC and NPGA GAS Check v. other inspection programs


Of course, nothing stops propane companies who are not involved in the PERC, the NPGA or their local state propane gas associations to set up their own inspection training programs. However, the PERC and NGPA GAS Check programs are recognized to be of the highest standard. Since safety is a primary consideration when using propane, you should take that into account when requesting quotes from different suppliers in your quest to find the propane dealer that best matches your situation.

What inspections and GAS checks include


Whatever the inspection program, it should have the following components to put your mind at ease when it comes to system check issues:

  • a container inspection;
  • a gas pressure check;
  • a piping verification;
  • a leak test;
  • an odor check;
  • a regulator examination; and, if possible,
  • an appliance check;
  • a vent inspection.

Difference between a Gas System Check and a Gas Appliance System Check


The Gas System Check looks at containers, pressure, piping, leaks, odor and regulators, whereas the Gas Appliance System Check includes appliances and venting. Basically, you could say that the Gas System Check is limited to what is outside your home and that the Gas Appliance System Check adds to that the components of your propane system that is inside.

Stay informed of GAS Check results


It is crucial to know what is being inspected and what is not. Naturally, if you feel vents have been checked you will be make less of an effort to notice potential faults. Yet thinking that a component has been checked and considered functional when it has not can lead to damage to your propane system and pose a potential safety threat. Therefore, carefully ask your propane company to let you know what has been examined, the conclusions of the inspection, and what has not been done.