Cost of maintaining a propane system

Cost of maintaining a propane system

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Maintaining a propane tank is an important part of LP Gas users’ annual routine. Although the safety risks associated with propane are low, propane remains a flammable gas so proper propane tank and appliance maintenance through qualified service technicians is highly recommended. Given the safety risks related to propane systems it is strongly discouraged to try to maintain your tank and appliances system yourself. A better option is relying on qualified service technicians, be they independent or employees of a propane company.

Installing, maintaining, repairing or inspecting propane systems

If you do not have a propane tank on your property but have decided to use propane you will need to have a qualified service technician install an aboveground or underground propane tank. Similarly, a qualified technician should connect your propane tank to your propane system appliances (stove, heaters, etc.). It is also advisable to use qualified service technicians to service or repair your propane appliance system. This system will need to be inspected once a year and if you run out of propane or suspect there is a gas leak, a technician will need to perform a leak test.

If the home you are moving into already has a working propane appliance system it is advisable to have a qualified service technician inspect the system, especially if it is over 20 years old. Indeed, older valves and connectors are more likely to be faulty than recent ones and might need to be replaced or adjusted.

Options for propane system maintenance

The simplest and most common solution to ensure your propane appliance system is always safe and functional is to rely on your propane company. Most large propane companies have their own qualified service technicians who perform leak checks, repair faulty appliances or inspect your propane appliance system when you move into your new home. For safety purposes, many have a 24/7 emergency line and reliable customer care. Often, installation, service, maintenance and repair options are included in your propane supply agreement, whether you own or lease your propane tank. If this is not the case, you should enquire as to what propane companies charge for technical interventions.

If you prefer a more hands-on and controlled approach you are free to call propane companies, some of which offer independent installation, service, maintenance and repair options. When moving into a new home with a propane system you ought to call your local propane companies or state propane gas association to find out which companies are the most reliable. Your other option is to check whether there are any independent qualified service technicians near your home and rely on them for maintenance, service and repair.

Propane system maintenance prices

The services propane companies and independent qualified service technician offers differ according to companies and regions, as do the fees they charge. Often, labor is the most expensive component unless costly material needs to be installed or fitted. This is why it is recommended that you check in your local business directory for the solution that is most suited to your needs and usage.