Propane consumption

Propane consumption

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Propane consumption by sector

Propane, a liquefied petroleum gas, accounts for around 2% of energy supply in the United States. As you can see from the pie below, it is mostly used for petrochemical and residential purposes. Millions of households use propane as a source of energy: it is efficient and relatively cost-effective, often more so than other sources of energy, like electricity.

Residential propane consumption

Residential propane users find it convenient for outdoor grills, water heating, space heating, refrigeration, clothes-drying and even outdoor lighting. The advantage of propane is that it is stored directly on the property in a large tank so supply is secure and controlled by the homeowner or tenant.

Propane uses
Propane is commonly used for (1) outdoor lighting, (2) clothes drying, (3) water heating, (4) indoor space heating, (5) fireplaces, (6) outdoor grills, (7) spas, (8) pool heating, (9) cooking, (10) refrigeration and (11) car fuel.