Propane tank delivery

Propane tanks are large, and especially for underground tanks where a hole needs to be dug, the idea of having one delivered and installed can discourage from using propane as a source of energy. Certainly, deciding to use propane means having enough space on one’s property to have a propane tank installed in a place that respects propane tank distance rules (10-25 foot from other structures, generally). However, other than that, propane tank delivery and installation is a relatively simple matter.

Propane tank delivery quotes

Propane tank delivery is simplest if it is part of a global deal with a propane company for tank purchase and installation or tank lease, installation and servicing. Finding the solution that is most suited to your needs and consumption is easiest if you request quotes from different propane companies and compare the services they offer.

Propane tank delivery process

The propane company you have selected – from which you have bought a propane tank or which is leasing you a propane tank – will have a specialized truck deliver your propane tank directly where it should be set up. The truck has a large crane that will move the propane tank from the back of the truck to the tank location. Aboveground tanks only need to be laid down on the agreed location; underground tanks require that a hole be dug and the tank be buried (the propane company will do this for you as well).

Propane tank delivery and system setup

The company’s qualified technicians then ensure the tank is positioned and connected according to the highest safety standards. They will install the yard line to connect the tank to the propane system, install regulators, test your propane system, link up appliances if necessary and light appliance pilot lights. Most propane tank deliveries require you to have your tank filled with propane as well.

propane tank setup